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Ces espaces transitionnels résultent des grandes transformations du paysage entreprises par l'homme. Ils passent d'un état à un autre, bousculent les repères en quelques jours ou quelques semaines, le temps d'un chantier d’autoroute.

J'observe ici l'apparition de lieux éphémères issus d'un entre-deux. Ces photographies ne rendent compte ni d'un avant, ni d'un après.

This serie presents pictures of intermediary landscapes, transitional spaces passing from one state to another one just for some days or some weeks.

I have chosen to take photographs of changing spaces, ephemeral landscapes produced by man-made actions of transformation during the period of work. My approach does not include any testimonial intent. By covering up all referential clues of ongoing work, I report neither the time which has passed nor the time to come.

My intent is that my photographs create a loss of reference points and give the viewers a vision of out of context landscapes, born from an in-between.

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